they paved the way - Chi Sigma chi Founders


A small group of Nevada Southern University (NSU) undergrads lead by Tim Toth gathered in his dorm room and lay out a plan to form a Sigma Chi Chapter on the Campus of NSU (Now UNLV). 

the legend of chi sigma chi began here 


By the time the Chi Sigs had accomplished Tim's dream and were installed as Zeta Chi Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity in March of 1968, they DOMINANTED every category of FRATERNITY life on campus and had grown from a handful of founders to over a 50 man strong house.  


Chi Sigma Chi membership grows to over 50 members, including 40 Football Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Track, and Golf lettermen, 2 Student Senators, and the University Student body President.



Chi Sigs not only exceeded in athletics but excelled at putting on theme social events as evidenced by throwing the first UNLV "Toga Party"! 1O year hence a "LandMark 70's Comedy" portrayed a fraternity "Toga Party" remarkably similar right down to bros gator'ing to the tunes of Wilson Picket. And no, you can't dance with our dates!

Sigma chi fraternity FIRMLY PLANTS ITS FLAG onto unlv CAMPUS



Chi Sigs receive coveted Sigma Chi Fraternity Charter ushering in a new era and ability to fly the "White Cross" flag over their humble off-campus house, prompting IFC members to flee UNLV, shed clothes, and run into the desert.

new zeta chi - Sigma chi fraternity charter members


Newly colonized Zeta Chi-Sig House Dominate: IFC and Registered Student Organizations Intramurals, Iron Man Competition, and Greek Week.

Naples, a place untold life long friendships were born 



 Commanding Air Force Fighter Squadron Col. and Sig Alumni "Wolf: Bennet" helps Sigs purchase Naples house next to ATO's. Home to epic parties and pucker factor10 rooftop cannonball dives.

Sig House 1979-2_edited.jpg


Sigs and Little Sigma's gather for phot op!


Sigs CONTINUES to Dominate IFC and Registered Student Organization Intramurals competition.

1982: A good year that produced a sold class of Sigma Chi's!  

las vegas sig alumni celebrate benchmark Reunions  

1991 - 25th Reunion:

Hines Ranch, home of best parties and a place many a Sig met a future wife..

2001 - 35th Reunion:

Mike "Rio" Riorden hosts a massive Friday nite bar-b-que at his hacienda. Joe Wilcox performs a "miracle"...getting over 250 Sigs and their Sig-nificant others to put on their Sunday best and attend a gala event at the Monter Carlo ballroom.

time marches on and new generations take the reins

Sig 2000 Composite_edited.jpg


The '90s produced a number of "outstanding" new bros as evidenced in their composite chapter photo.


The '90s also produced "competitive" Sigs determined to keep Sigma Chi athletic prominence alive.

2005:  35th Reunion

Early 2000: